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Two of he most commonly asked questions here at Bridge City Collision are:
1-Will my car warranty got void if I bring it to you? Or I have to go to the car dealer?
The Answer: No! All dealerships honor our repairs. It does not affect your dealership warranty. If your car has been involved a car accident. We can help. We use certified mechanics who have the experience to properly repair your car, helping to maintain the warranty. Call us today to discussion your auto body repair needs.

2-Are you SGI Qualified?

Bridge City Collision offers a wide range of paint and autobody collision repair services. Our staff consists of highly-trained and certified mechanics and collision experts, giving you peace of mind when you need work done on your vehicle. In the event of an accident or you need other autobody repairs- call or stop in to Bridge City Collision! Continue reading below to learn more about services we offer.

SGI Claims


Auto eClaim registration is a fast and easy way to file your auto claim and book a vehicle damage appraisal appointment online anytime.

Vandalism Claims

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Vandalism can be one of the most maddening car insurance claims. Someone intentionally damaging your property feels personal, even if you were a random victim. Get your car fixed here at Bridge City Auto. We will be happy to help you!

Glass Claims

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We know the importance of repairing or replacing glass damage, and Bridge City Collision’s glass service makes the process easy and convenient for you.


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A lot of car accidents are caused by animals every year. Animals are unpredictable and when they dart out from tall weeds, a home, or a nearby forest, they can be impossible to avoid. Knowing what damage to look for and how to handle an animal damage car insurance claim can save you both time and money

Work on Every Kind of Vehicle

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Bring your car into Bridge City Collison. We work on any type of car.

SGI Estimates


Stop in today to get your SGI estimate. Bridge City Collision can give you a complete estimate for whatever problem you have. No need need for the hassel of going to SGI. We do it right in our shot.

SGI Inspections


Our vehicle inspection programs ensure all vehicles are maintained to the safety standards required by law.

SGI and enforcement officers have the authority to subject any vehicle to a test or inspection, or require that specific repairs be completed. If you’re asked to have your vehicle inspected or repaired and you don’t comply:

*Your vehicle’s registration and insurance may be cancelled; or
*Your registration renewal may be refused; or
*You won’t be able to register your vehicle until you have it repaired or inspected.

SGI Accredited Shop


Bridge City Collision is an SGI accredited shop! Bring your car in today to get inspected by the highly trusted team around.

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